About MeCale

About MeCale

Maleable Iron Pipe Fittings

MeCale International Limited. dedicated in Malleable iron Pipe fittings since 1992, with a capacity of 6000 tons of malleable iron pipe fittings per year.

100% test before shipping, we can do series of testing, such as hydrostatic resistance, tension resistance, malleability, aromatic solvents, chemical composition, visual exam, dimension, calibration, alignment, leak testing, thickness of zinc layer, uniformity of zinc layer, adherence assay, ect.

We are the 1st company in China that have Inmetro certificate from Brazil ABNT in 2007. According to rules of ABNT, all products must conform to NBR6943:2000 and should be tested in 3rd party laboratory twice a year. We have 1000 tons stock in Brazil for full range of products and promise 3 days fast delivery in Brazil.

KA brand malleable iron fittings gain a good reputation all over the world. We’re not only selling products, but also offering solutions for pipeline.

Maleable Iron Pipe Fittings
Why MeCale?

MeCale dedicated in malleable iron pipe fittings since 1992. 

The First response for any claims. 

All products insured by PICC.

Stable Team
50% staffs worked more than 11 years in the company
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